Vacationing like a Local in Oahu, Hawai’i

We all need a vacation after this pandemic, though some of us are already travelling. After graduating from 5 years of college, 1.5 being online, I definitely needed a vacation trip, but of course staying safe and respecting the locals. I was lucky enough to vacation safely in Hawai'i because I was visiting my boyfriend and his family, and stayed with them.
To vacation like a local means you should treat the place that you're vacationing in like your own home (unless you treat that bad too, then treat it like you're a respectful guest). Most locals don't like tourists and travelers because they treat their homeland like it's temporary and like people don't actually live there and work there. Let's change this perspective by changing the way we act on vacation.
Ways you can help out are to support local small businesses, bring your own reusables, and act responsibly with your choices.

Support Local Small Businesses

Of course I had to shop small while on vacay and support some Hawai'i local small businesses! The pouches were made by two sisters and I love the greenery pattern they both used! The quality is top notch and I enjoyed using them on my trip. The cookies were so delicious, sweet, and had little salt for the perfect balance. The hair clip was an event that I went to to make it with real flowers and greenery. The turtle barrette is from a local small business and artist/fellow metalsmith. The keychain and enamel pin were from a store that promotes other small businesses.
Here are some small businesses that I supported on this vacay:
Square Pouch:
Small Pouch: hi.simply.stitched
Hair Clip: event hosted by keepitsimplehonolulu
Turtle Barrette: joannasjewelry2
Flower Keychain: zochimochicreationz at mori_hawaii
Pokemon Pin: itsgeoffrey at mori_hawaii

Bring Your Own Reusables

Instead of buying paper or plastic bags, carry a tote bag or fold-up reusable bag for any occasion. You can use it at the beach, for shopping, carrying your small biz goods, leftover foods, and it's always handy for emergencies.
Also bring your own reusable water bottle instead of a whole case of plastic ones. I carried mines for a hike at Diamondhead and it fit right in my backpack. Plus it's cool to showoff your cute stickers!

Eat, Shop, and Act Responsibly

Lastly, make responsible choices; I don't just mean alcohol. Think about how your choice can and will effect the local life and environment.
On date night, I got this vegan penne pasta and my boyfriend got a butterfish. Fish is a local animal and vegan is better for the environment. Both were extremely delicious as well, so it's a win-win.
I went shopping at thrift stores for clothes instead of the malls, read more about my thrift shopping here.
We saw a sea turtle thiiiss close to us, but we left it alone. You can watch it but don't try to pet it, feed it, touch it, or anything else.
I hope that this helps change your mindset if you're planning to vacation soon. Stay safe and respect others!
Thanks for Reading, MadeItMikayla
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