New Journals/Planners for Halfway Through 2021 - Mossery Journals

As 2021 is halfway through, I've decided to start up journaling and planning again since it's been 2 years without it and I really miss it. I spent weeks looking for the perfect planner for me, and stumbled upon Mossery which has refillable journals and they work with fellow artists for unique covers and kits, how cool!

The Journal

I got the Komorebi Undated Planner, which is perfect because I can try it out for a few weeks then stop and come back to it later on without having to sacrifice dated pages. The cover is calming to look at and feels amazing, it has a matte feel to it that is soft and high quality. I like to doodle 3 things from my day in the gridded section and then I use the blank section to write down any tasks I need to remember or what I did during that day.
The best part is that you can customize your journal by adding your name or a word or whatever you'd like to the cover for free. I chose MadeItMikayla naturally, and got it in gold. I love how it looks!


I also got the Matsumoto Threadbound Notebook for my boyfriend with grid paper (he chose it himself and loves it too). Lastly, I got a dotted refill in case I go back to fully customizable bullet journaling in the future.
Physical planners and journals are so unique to look back on one day. You can fill them with cute stickers and washi tape (check out some stickers that I make here).
I hope you enjoyed reading about these Mossery journals and hope it helped if you too are searching for a new planner. You can view my unboxing of these journals here (it was so cute to open).
Thanks for Reading, MadeItMikayla
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