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The goal and mission is focused on sustainability and positivity. MadeItMikayla includes Plants-and-Positivity-themed stationery and digital products. We love making stickers, art prints, clay creations, keychains, magnets, digital planners, and much more.

MadeItMikayla was first created in 2017 as a blog site. Then the pandemic hit, and in 2020, MadeItMikayla has expanded to an eCommerce website with social media accounts, and now in 2023 to in-person markets and wholesale.

Currently based in San Francisco, California

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Plants-and-Positivity are the core of every product that MadeItMikayla makes. With sustainability always in mind, our inspiration comes from nature and so plants (and green) tie in the earth and environment into our work. Plants also symbolize growth, which is where positivity and mental health themes come in.

The name MadeItMikayla comes from multiple ideas:

♡ Making multiple things and not being tied down to one type
♡ Wanting to be able to say that "I made it"
♡ Our items are hand-made and home-made
♡ The small business owner's name is Mikayla

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  • Eco-Conscious

    Sustainability is at the top of MadeItMikayla priorities. Each order is packaged with eco-friendly methods and materials.

  • AAPI Owned

    Mikayla is an Asian American, specifically A.B.C. (American Born Chinese). She is proud to represent the AAPI community.

  • Woman Owned

    Who run the world!? Girls! MadeItMikayla is woman owned and proud of it. Women are strong, dedicated, and amazing.

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Hi, I'm Mikayla!

I'm a digital artist and graphic designer who loves plants-and-positivity-themed creations. My biggest inspirations are nature, kindness, sustainability, and community 💚

I graduated from the BFA Graphic Design Program at San José State University in 2021, along with a Studio Art Minor, concentration in Metalsmithing.

I aspire to have a creative career, and I love inspiring others with kindness, eco-tips, and fun illustrations and creations.

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Fun Facts About Mikayla

💚 My favorite color is green, I'm a middle kid & my sisters also start with M, and I've donated my hair 4 times.

🌿 I love Plants and Positivity; currently I'm a plant mom to a handful of plants and I try my best to spread joy, kindness, and positivity.

🌎 I strive to live an eco-conscious lifestyle: I love thrift shopping, eating my veggies, avoiding plastic, etc.

😌 I struggle with anxiety, but this year I’m learning how to be more self-confident and to focus on gratitude.

🧡 In another universe, I’d be a writer, fashion designer, or something with helping the environment and earth.

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