Realistic Flower Drawing Procreate Tutorial

I just learned a trick to draw realistic looking flowers in Procreate and wanted to remember how I did it and share it with you, so here is a post dedicated to it. I made this trick up, but if it exists on the internet already, then credits to them.
For this tutorial I'm using a reference image of a Black White Desert Rose from Pinterest, the iPad Pro 2020 11 inch version, and the Apple Pencil 2.
Realistic Flower Drawing Procreate Tutorial

1. Draw Base Shape in Base Color

Start by drawing the base shape of the petal in the color that you want the base to be. For mines, it's this grayish purple, which is closer to the center of the flower. We will be adding in the darker purples in the next steps, so it's easier to work from in to out.
Realistic Flower Drawing Procreate Tutorial

2. Draw in Next Color Layer

Next, draw in the next color in a blobby shape. I used the monoline brush, but you can use any bigger sized brush to create this next layer. The shape you draw won't matter, just be sure to cover over the edges of the petal and a little more than you want the meshing of the two colors to be at.
Realistic Flower Drawing Procreate Tutorial

3. Clipping Mask and Gaussian Blur

Make this layer a clipping mask to the base petal shape layer. Then create a gaussian blur of about 10%, or adjust to your liking.

4. Repeat with Darker Color

Repeat step 2 and 3 for the darker, more outer layer. Here's how mines looks after completing both layers.
Realistic Flower Drawing Procreate Tutorial

5. Draw Lines

After creating the base of the flower petal, draw some thin lines ranging in direction from the center. The more curved and ranged you draw these lines, the more realistic it'll look later.

6. Clipping Mask and Gaussian Blur

We're pretty much doing the same thing, with the clipping mask and gaussian blur but of 5% this time. This is how it should look when you're done! Repeat for each petal and voila you have a whole flower.

Warp trick

Duplicate the petal you just drew. Use the transform tool to rotate and move the petal to its place. Use the warp within transform tool to make small movements to adjust the petal shape, if you move the edges enough it’ll create a 3D look! Repeat this until you have all the petals, or if the petals need to be redone then repeat the steps above.
Realistic Flower Drawing Procreate Tutorial
Here's what I created using this flower technique!
If you found this tutorial helpful, feel free to comment and share your realistic flower drawings with me, I'd love to see!
Thanks for Reading, MadeItMikayla
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